Exness bonus

Exness bonus 2020 is additional funds for the balance of users. Traders have an afford to get some rewards for various actions on the site. For example, a player makes a deposit and receives a corresponding increase in the account. 

Note that the Exness promotions and bonuses are valid for a limited time. Rewards are not always available and exist in specific time frames. The broker's administration provides gifts to clients at their discretion, encouraging their actions. However, the policy and accrual rules are detailed in the policy posted on the official website. The whole bonus system is entirely transparent.

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Exness deposit bonus or percentage of the account balance

In the rules of Exness Indonesia broker, there is a concept of Net Deposit. It is the amount remaining on balance after making a deposit and withdrawing funds from the account. All subsequent bonuses are calculated based on the deposit remaining on the broker account. The administration decision determines simple interest on the balance. 

There is also a reward in the form of grams of gold. This bonus is similar to the first one; only the prize is given in grams of gold.

Trade volume award

The more bidding on Exness, the better. The amount of reward is calculated as the product of lots per unit of bonus for any instrument. For example, there are two bonus dollars for EURUSD instrument. If a trader closes three lots with this pair, he gets 2x3=6 dollars. This type of bonuses is recalculated every 4 hours, according to the trader's actions in his account.

Cash and Promo Bonuses

Cash bonuses or promotional gifts Exness - the usual accrual of fixed amounts or interest from the deposit on the trading account. The client should read the terms and conditions of the reward carefully to get the full value of the gift. For example, if the trader does not use the bonus within the agreed time, it will be cancelled.


The broker calculates compensation a consolation fee for lost transactions. If a trader fails any money on unsuccessful trades, Exness will return a part of the lost funds to him. The compensation is calculated based on Net Deposit, previous bonuses and current expenses.

Bonus conditions 2020

We should mention that the possibility to withdraw funds from the brokerage account depends on the bonus conditions. Some promotions require you to perform trading operations, while others prohibit you from withdrawing money from your account. When an Exness broker offers bonuses to clients, he must attach a detailed and transparent description of all conditions.

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The administration of Exness Indonesia reserves the right to charge and cancel bonuses at its discretion. But if the client meets all brokers requirements, there is nothing to be afraid of. The award will undoubtedly find its hero.

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